Getting around in Long Beach CA

Long Beach is the sixth largest city in California and is well organized. It’s relatively easy to get around.

Whether you live in Long Beach CA, are moving here or simply coming for a visit, it is good to know what options you have for getting around the city.

Getting Around in Long Beach CA

Public transport in Long Beach CA

Long Beach CA offers excellent public transport options and there is even a free service for those who are staying Downtown and want to visit some of the attractions: You can use:

  • Long Beach Transit Passport bus – a free service that takes you to several attractions Downtown. The Passport C line goes to the Queen Mary. Passport A goes to Los Alamitos Bay and Passport D goes to Cal State, starting from Catalina Terminal. Note that once the bus leaves Downtown, the service is paid  90 cents per ride.
  • The Pine Line shuttle also operates for free from Long Beach Pl...Read More

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    Preventing sun & heat damage to your car

    You may believe that winter is the worst enemy of the vehicle because of its freezing temperatures or the salt and other chemicals used on the roads. And while it is true that the cold takes its toll on the car, the heat is no lesser enemy. The sun and heat can damage the paint on your car, ruin its exterior and interior and cause trouble under the hood. Here are a few tips to help you take proper care of your vehicle during the summer months.

    Preventing Sun & Heat damage to your car

    Prevent sun and heat damage to the exterior of your car

    The exterior of your car is the first thing that will get damaged by the scorching temperatures and the long stay under the sun.