Getting Your Car Ready for a Pleasant Road Trip

The road trip is usually an anticipated adventure for the entire family. It can be easily ruined, however, if your car misbehaves on the road or if you experience a car accident. This can be avoided if you prepare your car for the road trip. Don't let your dream holiday turn into a disaster. Here’s how to gear up for the trip.

Getting your car ready for a Pleasant Road Trip

Start with an inspection

The first thing to do prior to setting off on a road trip is to inspect your car. It is advisable to have a mechanic check everything and give you an “a-OK”. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure to have a look at these:

  • Tires – they are a very important part of the trip. So, make sure that you have the appropriate tires for the season, that they are in a good condition, with proper pressure and are not worn out
  • Fluids – check, and refill or replace all the fluids in ...Read More

    Car Insurance Basics

    Car insurance is an important asset to protect you financially. All states but New Hampshire require car owners to show that they are financially able to cover liability costs and most states require a car insurance as a proof. In New Hampshire, the driver is required to prove their financial ability after an accident occurs.

    The car insurance offers three main areas of coverage:

    • Property coverage that pays for damages to the car or theft;
    • Liability coverage guarantees the legal responsibility of the policy owner to pay for bodily injury or property damage to the other party in the accident;
    • Medical coverage is for costs incurred after treating injuries, rehabilitation or in the case of death – for funeral expenses.

    Actually, there are six types of auto insurance coverages, some of which are required, while others are optional. There are some extras as well, that the car owner can select. Below, you can see more details about the different coverag...Read More

    Top 10 tips to Keep the Resale Value of Your Car High

    If you are thinking about selling your car, you’ll obviously want to get the maximum sale price. The answer is pretty simple – think like a buyer. If you are to purchase a new vehicle what are the things that will attract you to a certain car, and which drawbacks will turn you off?

    10 tips to Keep the Resale Value of Your Car High

    1. Keep your car well-maintained

    One of the most important expectations is to have your car in the best possible condition. Regular maintenance is important since it guarantees your safety on the road and as a bonus boosts the resale value of the car. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines about checking and replacing fluids and have your car inspected by a mechanic on a regular basis or when you are in doubt.

    2. Keep all paperwork

    Keeping your car well-maintained is important, however, keeping a record of all the checks and repairs is also very useful. You will be able to show service records to the prospective buyer a...Read More

    Preventing sun & heat damage to your car

    You may believe that winter is the worst enemy of the vehicle because of its freezing temperatures or the salt and other chemicals used on the roads. And while it is true that the cold takes its toll on the car, the heat is no lesser enemy. The sun and heat can damage the paint on your car, ruin its exterior and interior and cause trouble under the hood. Here are a few tips to help you take proper care of your vehicle during the summer months.

    Preventing Sun & Heat damage to your car

    Prevent sun and heat damage to the exterior of your car

    The exterior of your car is the first thing that will get damaged by the scorching temperatures and the long stay under the sun.

    • Prevent paint damage: The paint is one of the most sensitive elements that you need to take good care of during summer. Wash your car regularly and use auto paint protection kits to make sure that it is well protected. Waxing your car is also a good recommendation. Even though it may requir...Read More

      9 crazy car hacks everyone should know

      Interior Car Hacks

      9 Crazy Car Hacks everyone should know
      Cereal container for a trashcan

      When we finally take the time to gather all the trash and throw it away, we can find receipts, gum packs, coffee cups, tissues and so much more trash in our vehicles. It would be so much cleaner if we only had a trashcan in the car. Cars might not have trashcans but you can definitely make one yourself. All you need is a cereal container and a plastic bag. Put the bag in the container and put the container on the floor of the front passenger seat. Then simply collect all the trash in it and throw away the plastic bag once it is full.

      Silicone muffin cups to protect your cup holder

      Cup holders are somehow always difficult to keep clean. Being sticky from spilled coffee or juice is just the beginning. Whenever there is no cup in there, we te...Read More