Preventing sun & heat damage to your car

You may believe that winter is the worst enemy of the vehicle because of its freezing temperatures or the salt and other chemicals used on the roads. And while it is true that the cold takes its toll on the car, the heat is no lesser enemy. The sun and heat can damage the paint on your car, ruin its exterior and interior and cause trouble under the hood. Here are a few tips to help you take proper care of your vehicle during the summer months.

Preventing Sun & Heat damage to your car

Prevent sun and heat damage to the exterior of your car

The exterior of your car is the first thing that will get damaged by the scorching temperatures and the long stay under the sun.

  • Prevent paint damage: The paint is one of the most sensitive elements that you need to take good care of during summer. Wash your car regularly and use auto paint protection kits to make sure that it is well protected. Waxing your car is also a good recommendation. Even though it may requir...Read More

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    How to increase your household income

    If you are struggling financially, you can’t enjoy life the way you want to. There are several ways to improve your situation. The first one is to cut your expenses to the minimum and work out a budget that you and your family stick to as strictly as possible.

    How to increase your household income

    In many cases, however, just controlling your expenses is not enough to solve your financial issues. In those cases, you should consider increasing your income. Wondering how? We have a few ideas for you. There are four main assets that you can monetarize to get the extra cash you need: skills, time, property, and the stuff you own.

    How to use your skills to increase your household income

    One of the best ways to increase your household income is to put the skills you have to use. There are many ways to do it. Here are a few suggestions:

    • Become a freelancer. If you are good at copy-writing, ...Read More

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      Alternative-fuel cars – what are the benefits?

      Being environmentally-friendly is becoming more popular among young people and the good news is that the alternatives in many industries are becoming better and more accessible. Alternative-fuel vehicles can be just as luxurious and comfortable as their traditional counterparts, look good and suit ambitious people, and what is even better, they become more and more affordable.

      Generally, an alternative-fuel car is any vehicle that uses power different than the conventional fuels like petrol and diesel. This can be solar power, electricity, biofuels or the modern hybrids. These vehicles are cleaner, produce fewer emissions and are much safer for the environment. They are also referred to as green vehicles and have a lot of benefits that can make you consider buying one.

      Benefits of Alternative-fuel Cars Alternative-fuel cars are the f...Read More


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      Fantastic Long Beach Hotels to Stay In

      Long Beach is a wonderful coastal city in Greater Los Angeles area, California. It is a great place for a vacation and has tons of activities to offer. Tourists in Long Beach CA can visit the Aquarium of the Pacific and enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour, dine at Sir Winston restaurant aboard Queen Mary or visit many of the street festivals throughout the year to celebrate local culture, music, food, and art.

      Fantastic Long Beach Hotels to Stay In We’ve lined up a list of fantastic hotels you can stay at when visiting Long Beach.

      Oceanfront hotels

      No doubt, the most fantastic hotels are those on the oceanfront. Here are the highest-rated ones.

      This urban jewel is voted number one in Long Beach CA and there is a reason for that. The 3-star hotel combines style and affordability and has quite a history. Guests can choose between different types of rooms and award-winn...Read More

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