Riverside Transit

Getting around in Moreno Valley CA

Moreno Valley CA is located in Riverside County, California and is a part of the San Bernardino-Riverside Metropolitan Area. It is known for being a young and quickly growing city since the 1980s. Relatively cheap to live in, the city has attracted a number of new residents in the last 20 years.

Riverside Transit

When moving to a new city or planning your next trip, among the most important factors to consider is the transportation system in the city and how easy it is to get from point A to point B. Moreno Valley offers a range of transportation services and we’ll look at them in more detail to help you get around the city or visit surrounding areas.

Riverside Transit

The main transit agency for Western Riverside County, CA, the Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) provides passengers 34 available routes to local and regional destinations, with the options growing every year. Tourist trolleys and a dial-a-ride service are provided by the transportation company.

The Riverside Transit now offers the CommuterLink, which helps commuters to the city have access to transportation, including express buses. In 2017, the RapidLink Gold Line was launched, connecting Corona and UC Riverside along Magnolia and University avenues on an express service.

Getting around in Moreno Valley CA

The Moreno Valley/March Field Station

Getting around by train is another option for people traveling between Moreno Valley and another close by regions. The train station opened in 2016 and provides access to parking lots and connections to the Riverside Transit Agency Buses. Passengers can explore during the weekends with a $10 weekend Day Pass. Students receive a 25% off Monthly Pass, 7-Day Pass, One-Way and Round-Trip tickets, while children under 5 travel for free.

Additional discounts are available for seniors, disabled, or passengers on Medicare, as well as active military individuals.


Taxi services such as those provided by Blue Royal Cab, JJ Upscale Taxi Rideshare, or Moreno Valley Yellow Cab will take passengers to airports, hospitals, or other institutions and destinations. Taxis are quite affordable in Moreno Valley and are a popular way of transportation for those in a hurry.


Uber is a great alternative ad you can reserve a car at any time. Prices will vary depending on the time of the day and destination.

Public transportation is not very popular in Moreno Valley CA and the majority of people use personal transportation. Research shows that the use of public transportation in Moreno Valley is 73% lower than the national average. If you live in the area and are in need of a car title loan but would like to keep your car, find out more about our service!

Getting Around in Long Beach CA | Transport Options

Getting around in Long Beach CA

Long Beach is the sixth largest city in California and is well organized. It’s relatively easy to get around.

Whether you live in Long Beach CA, are moving here or simply coming for a visit, it is good to know what options you have for getting around the city.

Getting Around in Long Beach CA

Public transport in Long Beach CA

Long Beach CA offers excellent public transport options and there is even a free service for those who are staying Downtown and want to visit some of the attractions: You can use:

  • Long Beach Transit Passport bus – a free service that takes you to several attractions Downtown. The Passport C line goes to the Queen Mary. Passport A goes to Los Alamitos Bay and Passport D goes to Cal State, starting from Catalina Terminal. Note that once the bus leaves Downtown, the service is paid  90 cents per ride.
  • The Pine Line shuttle also operates for free from Long Beach Plaza to Shoreline Village
  • Long Beach Transit offers a ride for $1.25 or a daily pass for $2.50
  • The Metro Blue Line train is yet another option for $1.75

During the summer months, you can enjoy water rides. Just note that the daily pass is not valid for them:

  • Aqualink with $5.00 for one-way trips to or from Alamitos Bay Landing
  • Aquabus charges $1.00 each time you board

There are no discounts for the water taxis and only kids under 2 ride for free.

Uber services in Long Beach CA

As elsewhere in the country, Uber services in Long Beach are very dependable and comfortable. All you need to do is determine the size of your group and the luggage you have and thus select the best option that suits you. You can choose between:

  • UberLUX– luxury service for 4 people. The initial fee is $20, the fee per minute is $0.60, the fee per mile is $5.06 and cancellation fee is $10. There is no service fee.
  • UberSUV– high-end SUVs that seat 6. The initial fee is $15, the fee per minute is $0.55, the fee per mile is $4.31 and cancellation fee is $10. There is no service fee.
  • UberBLACK– high-end cars for 4 people. The initial fee is $8, the fee per minute is $0.45, the fee per mile is $3.61 and cancellation fee is $10. There is no service fee.
  • UberSELECT– excellent cars at good rates that seat 4 people. The initial fee is $5, the fee per minute is $0.40, the fee per mile is $2.41 and cancellation fee is $10. The service fee is $2.35.
  • UberXL– suitable for groups of up to 6 people. The initial fee is $1, the fee per minute is $0.30, the fee per mile is $1.61, and cancellation fee is $5. The service fee is $2.35.
  • WAV – seats four people. There is no initial fee, the fee per minute is $0.15, the fee per mile is $0.96, and cancellation fee is $5. The service fee is $2.10.
  • UberASSISST– same service as UberX with additional assistance for 4 people. There is no initial fee, the fee per minute is $0.15, the fee per mile is $0.96, and cancellation fee is $5. The service fee is $2.10.
  • UberX – everyday rides at great prices, for 4 people. There is no initial fee, the fee per minute is $0.15, the fee per mile is $0.96, and cancellation fee is $5. The service fee is $2.10. The same service is also available in Spanish as UberEspanol.

You can request Uber to pick you up at Long Beach Airport as well and get you to your final destination at a very affordable price.

Cab services in Long Beach CA

Cab services in Long Beach CA are most often used by those traveling to and from the airport. There are several companies that you can choose from and the rates to popular destinations are as follows:

The fares between the companies may differ and the final amount can also depend on the traffic. The initial fare is around $3.00 and there is a 15% tip included in the final price. There is one other option – to get a taxi for a flat fare.

  • Low-Cost Taxi offers a flat fare service of $100, which also includes any stops if you need to go to a shop or you want to see something (as long as you don’t take too long). There is an option to get this as a deal for $89 using a voucher.

There are various shuttle and limo options as well, depending on the type of service you need.

No matter which of the options you will choose, you can be sure that your travel around Long Beach CA will be safe and pleasant.

family-friendly cities in Southern California

Top 5 family-friendly cities in Southern California

Southern California is a heavenly place and it’s no surprise why so many people come here to enjoy the beautiful weather, the ocean-side views, the sightseeing, and the local cuisine. But it is more than just a fine vacation place. It is also a perfect place to raise your family. If you are thinking of moving to Southern California for good and you wonder which city would be the best for your family, we have the answer.

Top 5 family-friendly cities in Southern California

What are the criteria for choosing a good place to raise a family?

People have different needs and desires, which means one place might seem good for some and not preferable for others. The main points most people take into consideration when choosing are:

  • Housing costs. Probably the first thing one would be looking at is the cost of housing in California. There are indeed places in Southern California where housing can be affordable for families.
  • Education. Any parent wants the best for their children and education is at the top of the list. Receiving a good education would come from the kindergarten and school the kid attends, (since for college the child can decide to move as far as the other side of the country or even go abroad).
  • Commute time. Transportation can be a hustle when living in a crowded area. No one likes spending hours in traffic on the way to work or taking the kids to school.
  • Surroundings and entertainment.This might not seem as an important factor in the beginning but if you don’t consider it you will start regretting it very soon. How you spend your free time is what makes the difference between having an exciting life and having a boring life. When choosing a place to spend the rest of your days, always think about the places you can go and the things you can do to have fun.

Top 5 family-friendly cities in Southern California

  1. Rancho Santa Margarita

Rancho Santa Margarita is located in Orange County -between Los Angeles and San Diego. It is home to almost 50,000 people. The city is mainly composed of planned residential neighborhoods. There are, however, many places to work, shop and dine. This smaller city prides itself on being beautiful and safe. There are plenty of parks for hiking or simply walking the dog. Compared to some of the other cities on this list, housing is more expensive; however, it is balanced out by local salary rate which is also higher.

  1. Poway

One of the best location for exploring the beaches along the coast as well as hiking trails. There are tons of parks for biking, hiking, and playing. The city is for families who enjoy spending time outdoors. The adults won’t have to worry about how early they would need to wake up and get going to work so that they are not late due to traffic. Homes are indeed more expensive, but the price tag is well worth it.

  1. Moorpark

Moorpark is considered to be one of the safest places to live-in as it has the lowest crime rates in Ventura County. This family-oriented city hosts a lot of small-town events such as the annual Apricot Festival and Country Days. It also has highly ranked schools. It is located close to the Happy Camp Canyon Park – the perfect place for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

  1. Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach’s homes are among the priciest in the region. The School District ranks third overall in the state. The parents have the choice of enrolling their children either in public or private schools. In addition to the area’s stunning surroundings, The Manhattan Beach community values family. The experience will not disappoint.

  1. Long Beach

Long Beach CA, located in Los Angeles County is another destination favored by many outdoors-loving families. The options for activities do not end with the world’s biggest ocean at your finger tips. There are plenty of parks in and around the city that are perfect for biking, horse riding, and dog walking. The schools in the area are among the highest ranking for the district. The prices of the homes in this area do not differ much from the other places on this list.

With so many great looking cities in Southern California, it might be hard to decide which one you’d want to call “home”. Moving to a new place is a huge step. Carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of every city. Consider the needs and preferences of every family member, pets included. And once you settle in your new home – enjoy it!