9 crazy car hacks everyone should know

Interior Car Hacks

9 Crazy Car Hacks everyone should know

Cereal container for a trashcan

When we finally take the time to gather all the trash and throw it away, we can find receipts, gum packs, coffee cups, tissues and so much more trash in our vehicles. It would be so much cleaner if we only had a trashcan in the car. Cars might not have trashcans but you can definitely make one yourself. All you need is a cereal container and a plastic bag. Put the bag in the container and put the container on the floor of the front passenger seat. Then simply collect all the trash in it and throw away the plastic bag once it is full.

Silicone muffin cups to protect your cup holder

Cup holders are somehow always difficult to keep clean. Being sticky from spilled coffee or juice is just the beginning. Whenever there is no cup in there, we tend to make use of the space by putting all kinds of things there such as change, chopsticks, and even open cereal bars that leave crumbs. After a while, the cup holders become very dirty.

An easy way to fix this is to put silicone muffin cups at the bottom of your cup holders. Cleaning would be as easy as taking out the muffin cups and washing them.

Shoe organizer for additional storage

You might not have pockets on the back of the two front seats, which means less storage space for you. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can simply attach shoe organizers to the back of the front seats and make use of the many pockets. It might be even better than the typical seat pocket as things would be organized.

Gum container to keep your change

Everyone keeps spare change somewhere in their car, usually thrown in the cup holders and other small places. A more convenient way to keep change would be in a gum container.


Exterior Car Hacks


Use toothpaste as headlights cleaner

Headlights get foggy and it can get annoying when driving at night. The solution to this inconvenience is simply to use toothpaste to clean your headlights.

Park facing east

In the winter, we often have problems with ice all over the car. Park your car facing east can be a solution. The sun rises in the east, so you will be using the sun’s warmth to defrost the ice formed on your windshield. Depending on the weather, maybe not all ice will be melted before having to leave in the morning, but it would definitely save some time.

Plunger will “repair” dents

Plungers are usually used for unclogging the toilet, but you can use it in another way as well. Save yourself some time and money by using it to get rid of any small dents on your car. When pulling the plunger back, the suction formed will pull the dents forward and back into place.


Bonus: Garage Hacks


Pool noodle to protect your door

If your garage is small and you always have to be careful not to hit the wall when opening your door this is the solution you have been looking for.

At the specific height where the car door and garage wall meet, fix a cut-in-half pool noodle. You can glue, nail or bolt the noodle. Thus, your car door is safe from scratches.

Tennis ball as a parking guide

This tip is for those who have difficulty estimating the distance between the front or back of your car and the garage wall when parking. To solve this problem use a tennis ball as a parking guide. Simply hang the ball from the roof directly above the middle of your windshield, so you would know how far in to go and when to stop.