Coolest Long Beach CA Day Trips

Coolest Long Beach Day Trips

Here are our 3 favorite Long Beach CA day trips.

Coolest Long Beach CA Day Trips

A 50-miles round trip to Manhattan Beach

If you decide to head west from downtown Long Beach CA, you will find yourself on a picturesque road that will take you through several different places before reaching the upscale community of Manhattan Beach. For such a short distance, you can enjoy a great variety of views. First, you will drive through the combined ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles and then the scenic coastal road around the Palos Verdes Peninsula will take you to the port town of San Pedro. While driving, you will pass two span bridges that will allow you enjoy a view of tankers, cruise ships,and long-shore equipment. Once in San Pedro, you will be driving along palm-lined streets. The town offers two main attractions – the Friendship Park, dedicated to the peaceful relationship between the USA and South Korea, where you can see military barracks, sea defenses, and a Coast Guard Watch Facility. If you are traveling with your children, you can stop at the kid-friendly Point Fermin Park. Then, you continue your drive along the picturesque California coastline that resembles the Italian Amalfi Coast.

The peninsula is famous for its whale-watching and fishing spots, while the Rolling Hills Estates are home to many movie stars and other famous people.

Your next stop is the beautiful town of Redondo. It’s a great place for lunch here since the place is famous for one of the most delicious and freshest seafood on the West Coast.

Take the coastal road that will lead you to the town of Hermosa, known for its surfing beaches and finally to Manhattan Beach. Once you have finished admiring the beauty of the beach, you can take Interstate 405, the San Diego Freeway, and reach Long Beach Airport in less than 30 minutes. During rush hour, be prepared for an hour and a half drive.

A Wine-tasting trip to Temecula

If you are a wine lover, then a day trip to Temecula is the best getaway for you. Only an hour and a half drive from Long Beach CA takes you to this beautiful historic place. There are more than 30 wineries, which you can visit on your own or take a guided tour. Some of the attractions include grape stomping. You can also visit the old town and the Temecula Valley Museum or get into a hot air balloon to experience the view from the skies.

Enjoy the Dutch atmosphere of Solvang

If you want to experience a different atmosphere, then this 2-hour drive to Solvang is the perfect choice. The town was founded by the Danish and bears the Dutch atmosphere, despite the fact that there aren’t many Danes living there. What you will find, however, are wooden windmills, breweries and pancake cottages. There is even a replica of Copenhagen’s Round Tower, along with Christmas shops, Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid trinkets, and Danish bakeries. The Elverhol Museum is a must-see for history lovers and for those who love adventures. OstrichLand, known as the Jurassic Park for ostriches, is located just on the outskirts of the town.

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Awesome hikes around Long Beach CA | Hiking Spots

8 Awesome hikes around Long Beach CA

Long Beach CA offers a number of beautiful hikes. Whether you live here or are just visiting, take some time to take in the sights.

Awesome hikes around Long Beach CA | Hiking Spots

Dominguez Gap Wetlands

The Wetlands are situated in Long Beach along the LA River. The trails are great for hiking, biking, bird watching, and horseback riding. If you want to bring your dog with, you can. You don’t have to go to the zoo when you can find animals such as red-tailed hawks and turkey vultures at Wetlands.

This Dominguez Gap Wetlands is actually a 2008 river project. $7 million were invested with the aim to restore the important ecological functions of water quality improvement, wildlife habitat, and aquifer recharge to the urban lower Los Angeles River.

Forrestal Ecological Reserve

32201 Forrestal Dr Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

Forrestal Ecological Reserve is located about 12 miles away from Long Beach CA. It is a 25-minute drive to get to the reserve by car and it takes about an hour and a half by bike. Rocky hills on one side and the ocean on the other, it is a great place to go hiking, enjoy nature, and even take some cool pictures.

Ocean Trails by Trump National Golf Course

1 Ocean Trails Dr Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

As the name suggests, it is located just by Trump National Golf Course. It is a coastal hiking destination with a breathtaking view. Hiking is not the only great activity you can enjoy. Other activities include paragliding and enjoying the beautiful picnic spots on the trail. Spring would be a great time to visit this place to enjoy more greenery and even see the whales if you are lucky.

Gum Grove Park

Crestview Ave & Avalon Dr. Seal Beach, CA 90740

Gum Grove Park has a relatively flat landscape and is pretty small (about a mile in length) so it is a great place for an easy hike. If you plan on going there with your dog, watch it closely as there is a chance of coming across coyotes. There are even signs all around the park asking to not feed the coyotes.

Bandini Canyon Trail Park

N Bandini St Los Angeles, CA 90731

This Park is another coastal hiking destination, located about 7 miles away from Long Beach CA. The trail and views are amazing.You can enjoy the view of the sea and cliffs, while hiking the sandy trail. There are some cactuses on the sides, so be careful, especially if you are hiking with kids.

The park dates back to1931, when Mr. George Peck, real estate developer and benefactor, donated most of the Park’s 4.8 acres. The land has been designated as open space since this time.

Willow Springs Park

2745 Orange Ave, Long Beach, CA 90806, USA

If you do not have a way to get out of town or simply do not have the time to spare, this park is for you. The trails are great and the surroundings are rocky and sandy. Small animals such as rabbits can be seen. Plus, the park is open 24/7.

Admiral Kidd Park

2125 Santa Fe Ave, Long Beach, CA 90810, USA

If you are taking kids along on your hike, this is the perfect place. Admiral Kidd Park is situated between two schools. It offers sports fields & courts, a recreation center with youth programs and a playground.

The park is open everyday between 6AM-5PM.

Wrigley Heights Dog Park

3401 Golden Ave, Long Beach, CA 90806, USA

Bring your dog here for a run or simply let it play with other dogs.

Wrigley Heights is open every day between 6AM-10PM

If hiking isn’t your thing, there are lots to do and amazing places to visit in Long Beach, California.