10 budget-friendly towns in the Long Beach area CA

Long Beach is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in southern California. It falls within the Greater Los Angeles area and is the 7th most populous city in California, 36th in the whole USA. It has very good infrastructure, pleasant climate and attractive cultural life, however it is not the most budget-friendly place to live in.

If you are budget-minded, it makes sense to a choose a smaller town in Long Beach area that will offer attractive housing rates combined with friendly community, beautiful parks and nearby schools. Below you will find a list of 10 budget-friendly towns near Long Beach that are worth considering.

Friendly towns in the Long Beach area CA


Cypress is a quiet suburban town about 16 miles away from Long Beach and is a perfect choice for new families who want to move to Orange County. It has a population of less than 50,000 people and you can get an affordable home in one of its great neighborhoods. The combination of low crime rate and excellent weather makes this small town an attractive place to live. It is also worth taking into account that it offers higher median household income than the average for California, which makes it the perfect budget-friendly town for newcomers. Some of its notable natives and residents are Tiger Woods, actors Matthew Morrison and John Stamos.


Despite being home to Disneyland and host of two major sport teams – the Anaheim Ducks ice hockey club and the Angels baseball team, the town is actually a great choice for those who have to live on a tighter budget. The housing value in Anaheim stands at around $415,900, which is much lower than most other places in Orange County. Its theme parks, great cityscape, long history and great temperatures turn it into the epitome of ‘California Dreamin’. If you are looking for a fun and adventurous place that is still affordable, then you can move to Anaheim and enjoy life to the fullest.


The motto of Westminster, California is “The City of Progress Built on Pride” and it definitely lives up to the idea. In addition to its excellent climate, proximity to LA and Long Beach and great local amenities, it offers lower housing prices than most of the Southern California (standing at $462,100), stable housing market and high income per capita. The combination of those factors makes Westminster an attractive and budget-friendly place.


Placentia is known for its quiet neighborhoods and is even called the “bedroom community”, which means life is quite easy and peaceful there. The town has a population of a little more than 50,000 people and a higher average household income of $75,693 than most California cities. According to the Orange County Register, it was named the second-best place to live in California. Its excellent weather, proximity to lakes and low unemployment rate make it appealing to anyone looking to enjoy what California has to offer on a budget.

Signal Hill

If you want to stay close to Long Beach but avoid living in the city, then Signal Hill is the place for you. Situated on a hill and completely surrounded by Long Beach, the town offers great parks, high employment rates and excellent weather for those who decide to move in. The discovery of oil back in 1921 changed the place forever; however, it still remains one of the preferred California towns for those who want to live on a lower budget.


Carson has a mild Mediterranean climate with a bit lower summer temperature due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. It has a population of almost 92,000 people but is attractive for new families since it is described mostly as a working-class city with middle-class neighborhoods. This means that the quality of life is quite good and yet not too expensive. It offers rich cultural and art life and is home to some of the big employers in the USA including Pacific Bell, Xerox Education Services, Inc., etc.

Hawaiian Gardens

Hawaiian Gardens is the smallest town in Orange County, California and has a population of a little more than 14,000. There was a small decline in house prices last year and at present the median home value in Hawaiian Gardens is $362,400. This is one of the lowest rates in Long Beach area and makes it one of the most budget-friendly places in entire Southern California.

Seal Beach

Seal Beach is a wonderful and cheap town that can easily be the top choice for families moving to the area of Long Beach, California. It offers great education infrastructure and excellent employment opportunities, being home to Boeing. In addition, the housing value stands at just $286,400, which is one of the lowest in the state. Another plus is the close-knit community in this town with population of just over 24,000.


Paramount is a city with long history located in the Greater Los Angeles area. It is home to a large community of Mexicans and due to the numerous Mexican restaurants offering delicious food it is also known as the “second Sinaloa.” The city is home to Zamboni Company, whose owner was the inventor of the ice resurfacing machine. It is a preferred place for many people moving to the Long Beach area because of the low home value (around $393,100). The median list price per square foot in Paramount is $305, which is significantly lower than the Long Beach – Los Angeles area rate of $410.


Compton is one of the oldest cities in Los Angeles County, California and is known as the “Hub City” because of its central geographic location. It has a relatively large population of more than 96,000 people, but the housing price remains quite low compared to the rest of the Los Angeles – Long Beach area. The median list price per square foot is $310 and despite the increase seen last year, the median home value in Compton is still quite low – $369,500. The city is designated as an “Entrepreneurial Hot Spot” and is a great place for those who want to work and live a budget-friendly life.