Get extra cash for Christmas

Ways to get extra cash for Christmas

Christmas is almost here, and with many Americans spending over a $1000 on Christmas gifts this year, we can’t help but think of ways to save some money this season. If you are in need of some extra cash for the holidays, we have a few ideas for you.

Give people a lift

This is the time of the year when people rush to the malls and grocery stores more frequently than any other time of the year. Not everyone has a car, and if you live in a city, you know that using public transportation with armfuls of gifts can be a nightmare. Not only that, with holiday parties already in full swing, and many people are finding themselves a little too “cheerful” to drive home. You can turn this into a money-making opportunity by offering rides through Lyft or Uber or you can simply spread the word to friends, neighbors or coworkers.

House-Sitting or Pet-Sitting as a way of making money

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So many people this season will leave their house to visit family members and friends. This is your chance to earn a little extra cash! Offer your neighbors to house-sit while they are away this Christmas.

You can also pet-sit and plant-sit. Pet-sitting companies are too expensive for most people, and they end up asking a friend or neighbor to look after their pets while they are away from home. This person could be you. You can also go to to look for pet-sitting opportunities!

Granted, house-sitting or pet-sitting probably won’t make you any money before Christmas, it is a great way to boost cash right after and pay off those credit cards you used to buy gifts or catch up on the bills you were a little short to pay after you did all that shopping!

Teach on

It takes some experience, indeed, to be a teacher, however, it is a fun activity and a year-round way to get extra cash. Some parents whose children have fallen behind with their studies need a private teacher even during the Christmas break. Offer your services to your neighbors or teach children overseas from the comfort of your own home with This is a win-win for both you and the parents.


The family portraits with Santa Clause might be a bit cheesy but they are part of the Christmas spirit and people like to send them as Christmas cards to family and friends. If you love photography and have invested money in a good quality camera you can offer your services as a family photographer. This is yet another win – win for you and your clients. You will charge a lot less than a professional studio (that’s probably booked a month ahead already)

Rent out a second property

If you happen to have second property somewhere, consider putting it up for a rent because there are so many travelers out there who need a place to call home away from home. Young couples like to travel on Christmas and they especially prefer cosy houses over cheap hotel rooms. Take nice photos of your second property, register on, and you will get to choose who you want to let in your house and at what price. Enjoy the Christmas break from your house while your second property adds money to your account.

DIY is cheaper

This year you can make Christmas presents more meaningful by DIYing. In the world of overconsumption, smaller and cheaper can be better. It doesn’t make you money, but it sure saves you some. If you make a few extra things, you can try selling them through Facebook Buy-Sell groups, too.You can use your own hands and imagination to create mindful, unique and special gifts for the people you love. Make handmade jewelry or cards, knit Christmas socks or a sweater, make a mason jar with homemade cinnamon and chocolate cookies in it, make pottery and color it, bake peppermint and chocolate cookies, put together a photo album or create a painting. Try these Pinterest board for some inspiration.

Save money and make a special present for those who are important to you.

Get a loan

You can always use a loan. It’s Christmas, after all. It is understandable if you want to treat yourself, put some tasty meals on the table, get the best presents for the ones that you love. A car title loan will be just enough to give your budget the boost that it needs. You can get approved within 15 minutes, no credit check is required, you get the money in cash and you keep your car to drive.

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