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Fast Money Loan for Car Title Loans – Bakersfield, CA

GPS Install and Vehicle Inspection Location Only

THIS LOCATION DOES NOT PROCESS LOANS. It is a vehicle inspection and GPS installation only site. Your loan will be processed fully online, or if you prefer, at our closest branch.

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    Car Title Loans

    The fastest way to get a car title loan is by applying for it online. All you need to do is click the “Apply Online Now” button below. We have all the instructions there. You do not have to leave the comfort of your home in order to get the money that you so urgently need. The process is straightforward and won’t take up much of your time, while the results will be quite satisfying. If you would like to speak to one of our friendly associates, please give us a call: (661) 218-4261.

    Title Loans Bakersfield

    Are you looking for the fastest title loans in Bakersfield, California? If you are in any type of financial bind, whether because you were hit by a sudden medical emergency, have late mortgage payments or any other urgent situation arose, look no further! Fast Money Loan Title Loans Bakersfield provides the quickest financial aid for anyone who needs it. We will see to get you the best equity loan on your vehicle. Apply today to receive instant cash!

    Why Choose Fast Money Loan?

    We have been providing the fastest car title loans since 2011. Because we understand you might be going through tough times, the purpose of our business is to see you walk away with the cash you need in as little time as possible. We have offices all across California, we can help you obtain the 36% title loan you need!

    How Do Title Loans Work?

    A title loan is a loan that requires an asset as a collateral—Fast Money Loan accepts car titles, truck titles, van titles or boat titles—. The lending company provides the cash, and in exchange for lending the client money, the lender becomes the lien-holder on the vehicle title until the loan is paid off. Before, during and after the car title loan, the borrower is in complete possession of their vehicle, as long as they follow the terms and conditions established. Additionally, an interest fee is charged to the borrower, to be paid along with the monthly repayments.

    Types of Vehicles to Borrow On

    Fast Money Loan offers title loans in Bakersfield on the following vehicles:

    • Cars
    • Trucks
    • Vans
    • Boats.

    Eligible Applicants

    In order to qualify for a title loan with Fast Money Loan Title Loans Bakersfield, all

    applicants should:

    • Have a completely paid off or almost paid off vehicle.
    • Proof of identity.
    • Your vehicle documentation – insurance and registration.
    • Are the listed owner on the registration.
    • Proof of income.
    • Have the ability to repay.

    Does My Vehicle Need to Be Paid Off?

    No. In case you still owe some money on the vehicle, we can pay off your debt as part of your new title loan in California. In Fast Money Loan we understand every situation is different, which is why we want to make sure every applicant receives help according to each of their needs.

    Out of a Job? We Can Still Lend You Cash!

    Life can be very challenging in ways that we never expected. That’s why we wish to help you regardless of your job situation. Our purpose is to help you get back on track while keeping your vehicle to drive!

    THIS LOCATION DOES NOT PROCESS LOANS. It is a vehicle inspection and GPS installation only site. Your loan will be processed fully online




    With an approximate population of 383,579, Bakersfield is located in Kern County, in the state of California. The city’s economy is centered on many diverse industries, such as agriculture, healthcare, oil, government and distribution, amongs others. These are just a few of the many industries that contribute to one of the main growing economies and regions in the United States. Since 1986, this vibrant city has been home to the Bakersfield Jazz Festival. Bakersfield is also the hometown of the famous musical group Korn. It is a wonderful destination for music and agriculture enthusiasts.

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