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We understand everyone has financial challenges in life, and that’s why Fast Money Loan exists. We’re here to help you get the cash you need with absolutely no credit check. You’re guaranteed fast money at an affordable monthly payment.


We’ve been providing title loans since 1997, and we’re in this business to help people just like you. There’s nothing that satisfies us more than seeing you walk away with the cash you need.


Tell us the year, make, and model on your auto, boat, motorcycle, or RV, and we can loan you up to 100% of its value. You keep the vehicle to drive, and you’ll have cash in your hands in as little as 15 minutes.

Auto title loan Sacramento

If you have a bad credit score but you need money fast for some emergency expenses, then you may experience difficulties in accessing a traditional loans, credit or short loans. Fortunately, you still have an amazing alternative if you find yourself in this kind of situation. Taking out an auto title loan is one way to access some fast cash with minimal income verification and no credit check. Here are the details on how to get an auto title loan in Sacramento:

Auto Title Loan Definition

An auto title loan is a short-term loan where you use your car title as collateral in order to borrow money. As a borrower you must own the car outright (also called the lien holder). The fast cash loan is usually for a short period of time. At Fast Money Loan we have set this period to 60 days or more. These auto title loans are also known as “title loans” or “car title loans”.

How Do Auto Title Loans Work?

The Fast Money Loan company offers the possibility to access an auto title loan in Sacramento. We are mainly a title loan lender, that caters to those people with bad credit and low incomes. We charge an interest rate on the money offered as a loan. Those with access to bank loans or large credit loans are not among the target customers for an auto title loan in Sacramento.

An auto title loan is based on the equity and value your car holds. For this reason, almost all title loan companies require you to outright own your car. Your car title is still owned by the bank if you still owe money on your car loan. In this case, it is not possible to use your car as collateral for an auto title loan. Among other possible requirements in order to qualify for a fast loan may be included proof of residence, age, and proof of your income. Auto title lenders can be helpful especially for those people with low income and bad credit scores who need cash in emergency situations. At the time the loan is made, lenders stating charging their interest rates.

Taking an auto title loan is quite popular for two important reasons. When determining qualifications, title loans do not take into consideration the applicant’s credit rating. Another reason is the fact that an auto title loan is typically approved very quickly thanks to looser application requirements.

At the moment of signing the auto title loan in Sacramento the borrower is required to sign the car title over to the Fast Money Loan company. The cash loan paid out to the borrower can be up to 25 percent of the car’s total value (may vary). Typical amounts of auto title loan in Sacramento are an average of $1,000, but they can be as little as $100 or higher than $1000.

Borrowers have the option to repay the auto title loan in Sacramento on a 36 month installment plan. There is no minimum repayment period enforced by the Fast Money Loan company, and we do not charge a pre-payment penalty in case you pay off your loan early. We do not offer auto title loans with a repayment period of less than 60 days.

About the Fast Money Loan Company

We, the Fast Money Loan have more than 15 years of experience in our market. Therefor we provide the best auto title loans in Sacramento as well as throughout the entire state of California. Our Fast Money Loan team of financial experts are dedicated to providing you the emergency cash loan you need as fast as possible.

Our team of professionals take pride in helping everyone to get ahead with a loan, no matter the income level and the credit history. Even if you have a bad credit score you still get a chance with Fast Money Loan, since we don’t even check your credit records. We will lend up to 100 percent of the Manheim value of your car, RV, motorcycle or boat. Fast Money Loan has been created to help everyone who might experience some financial challenges in life.

Providing car title loans since the year 1997, Fast Money Loan is in business to help people with cash emergencies and needs. We are always here to help you borrow the cash you need as fast as possible. We offer you the possibility to repay the fast money loan on an affordable monthly repayment plan.

The interest rate charged by Fast Money Loan starts as low as 17 percent simple interest. This interest rate is dependent on your collateral, creditworthiness, your financial ability to repay your loan, and agreed-upon terms. Due to an administrative fee included in the computation of APR, this Annual Percentage Rate may be slightly higher. The maximum APR is 33.42 percent.

Customers can apply for an auto title loan in Sacramento with the Fast Money Loan company by filling in an 2-minute online application form, by calling their number, or at one of their four convenient locations. The cash is paid out as fast as in 15 minutes. Borrowers can still keep their vehicle to drive. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal right? Call us today and find out more, so we can help you on the path towards stability and give you the peace of mind you deserve. We will give you this and much more, and you can rest assured that you choose a financially responsible and helpful solution.


How It Works

Need cash? FAST MONEY LOAN can provide you with an auto title loan today!

    • Tell us the year, make, and model of your auto, boat, motorcycle, or RV.
    • With no credit check, we can loan you up to 100% of the vehicles value.
    • We set up an affordable monthly payment plan.
    • You keep it to drive and walk away with cash in as little as 15 minutes.
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